Hey Lovelies, 

Today or yesterday with the way in which the images in the last post are taking so long aha, was my brother John’s 28th Birthday and for the first time in a long time he decided to share it with us, as he lives far away which worked out perfectly, as it meant that I could interview him for his birthday! 

After spending most of the day with him, I can tell that he hasn’t changed a lot and we have a lot of film favourites that are in common and a lot of film hates as well. We both call each other all of the time to discuss what we like and don’t like or to suggest shows and films in which the other should be watching. 

So enjoy his film history and John I hope you had a brilliant day! Here is your film history to mark your 28th Birthday…

What Was The First Film You Ever Saw?
“Ermmm probably a cartoon at the cinema, god knows what it was”

What Was The First Film You Ever Saw At The Cinema?
“Erm probably…I don’t know…probably as weird as it sounds when I took you to see ‘S Club: Seeing Double’”

What Was The Last Film You Saw At The Cinema?
“Errr I was with Alexa (his girlfriend) and it was ‘The Other Woman’ I think”

What Is Your Favourite Film Of All Time?
“’Man on Fire’ and ‘Gladiator’. I like them because normally the good guy survives and in these two they don’t”

What Is Your Least Favourite Film?
“Any ‘Star Wars’ film. I started watching it and I couldn’t get into it.”

Which Film Do You Think Left A Mark On Your Life?
“I don’t know, probably films that make me think of Dad.”

Who Is Your Favourite Actor And Actress?
“Denzel Washington and Melissa McCarthy probably”

Who Can’t You Stand To Watch In A Film?
“Ashton Kutcher, he has ruined “Two and a Half Men” and in some films he has ruined them”

Are There Any Films You Want To See That Are Out Now Or Coming Out Soon?
“Focus, Pitch Perfect 2, Spy and Ted 2”

If You Were To Have A Film Made About Your Life, Who Would You Like To Play You?
“Someone who’s a dipshit, I know Ryan Reynolds! Because obviously he is good looking (He is vain!) and he is in the ‘Van Wilder’ films”

Happy Birthday Brother! Go and enjoy a Five Guys and don't wear your TMNT Leonardo mask to much aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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