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After hearing about the film ‘Greyhawk’, I was interested in seeing how the film was going to play out on screen, as I had heard a number of mixed reviews about it online after it premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival last year.

From the beginning you can see the meaning and well-thought out process in which the director Guy Pitt had created to produce this film. The way in which he shows how one man’s life is ruined by the removal of his life line makes it touching to audiences and the struggle in which the man puts himself into get the animal back makes you want to protect him from the people who are out to harm him on screen. It shows the vulnerability of the man and the evil of those that attack him, even though he is a hero to many others and should be praised for his work.

Something that as a viewer you will appreciate is the amount of work that leading man Alec Newman put into the role, to show you all the real effects of something like this happening as he worked with the Blind Veterans UK charity to provide audiences with a true representation, which shows on screen. This role will get him noticed and he will be heard of again very soon in other films because of this one.

The film did have its faults though as it was a little slow in hooking in the audience and there was a lot of items that could have been missed out, but you soon forget about them when the film reaches its climax where it starts to get a good interesting flow.

Therefore I am giving this film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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