Hey Lovelies, 

Recently I have been finding out about a number of campaigns and I have been trying to help as many of them as I can, because they are all incredible and to be able to help them makes me so happy! 

And one that I am very passionate about is one in which Toms UK have been hosting on Instagram, which some of you may have seen. As a fan of their shoes I have brought a number of them over the years and felt incredible happy knowing that when I have a child will also be given a pair of shoes. 

So when I saw that the company were using Instagram to allow people the chance to get involved with their campaign and help out even more children who are in need in a pair of shoes, I just had to help. 

As someone who hates feet, especially my own, I let that go completely and took a photo of my own feet tagging @tomsuk and adding the hashtag #WithoutShoes to the image when I posted it and in return the company will be providing a pair of shoes to a child! 

And you lovelies can do the same thing up until the 25th May lovelies! Just go over to your Instagram and do what I did and take part in a brilliant campaign! It is so simple, yet helps so many! 

I love Toms UK and this Instagram campaign is one of my favourites! So please join in and help those in need lovelies! I will be proud of all of you! 

Speak Soon, 
Joey X

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