Hey Lovelies, 

I am back again with another tag and this one is a would you rather feature that had me thinking a lot, because I had to decide which one I wanted and it took me quite a while aha. I did it though and I hope you all like it. 

Please take it for your own sites or vlogs, but I will warn you, it may take a while to answer. Enjoy lovelies…

Would You Rather Have The Ability To Fly Or The Ability To Read People's Mind?
Erm this is hard but I think I would rather have the ability to read people’s minds. Don’t know why aha! 

Would You Rather Have Your Flight Delayed By 8 Hours Or Lose Your Luggage?
Have my flight delayed! I can find things to do but the things I packed will never come back. 

Would You Rather Be The Worst Player On The Best Team Or The Best Player On A Great Team?
The worst player on the best team! I could learn to become good from the rest of the team. 

Would You Rather Never Be Able To Eat Hot Food Again Or Never Take A Hot Shower Again?
Never have a hot shower again! I would just have really quick showers aha! I can’t think of having cold food in winter! Just no! 

Would You Rather Be Ignorant And Happy Or Be Knowledgeable And Never Fully Content?
Knowledgeable and never fully content, because I could use my knowledge to make others happy.

Would You Rather Never Play Or Play But Always Lose?
Depends what it is! Probably play but always lose, because it is not about the winning all the time aha!

Would You Rather Be 10 Minutes Late Or Be 20 Minutes Early For Everything?
20 minutes early! You never know what situation you would be in. 

Would You Rather Give Out Bad Advice Or Receive Bad Advice?
Receive bad advice, because if it was really bad I would know about it and would just ignore it.

Would You Rather Be A Master Of Every Musical Instrument Or Be Fluent In Every Language?
Fluent in every language! That would be so cool! 

Would You Rather Be Stuck In A Home That Is Constantly Dark Or A House That Is Constantly Bright?
Stuck in a home that was constantly dark. I actually have a running joke about how dark my house is and the way I don’t put lights on. 

Would You Rather Be A Vegetarian Or Only Be Able To Eat Meat?
A Vegetarian! I could eat Quorn and eat food that tastes of meat aha.

Would You Rather Be In Your Pyjamas All Day Or In A Suit All Day?
Oh! Probably Pyjamas, as they are in fashion at the moment and you can get ones that don’t look like pyjamas.

Would You Rather Go Forward Or Back In Time?
Forward! I am all about the present aha! 

Hope you all liked this week’s tag lovelies and I will be back next week with another lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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