Hey Lovelies, 

For many people seeing old couples out and about almost always makes you smile as you see how cute they are and the film ‘Elsa & Fred’ will have the same emotions within it, however the supporting cast make it a hard watch for many. 

Following Fred, who moves in with his daughter, the film shows how a chance meeting with his new neighbour Elsa could be just the thing he needs to make him feel happy and lively again, after years of hiding away. 

While it starts off in a very strong cinematic matter, the films slow progress and poor dialogue make this a hard watch from about 30 minutes in. Fred, Elsa and his daughter are all strong characters; however the people they try to fit around them make it weak as there is not much point to them or their dialogue, because it adds nothing to the plot or film. Without them this film would be a lot more interesting and would have had more of a flow. 

Therefore I am giving Elsa & Fred…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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