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When I sit down to watch a horror film I prepare myself in every way by turning off the lights and setting the mood which will make me feel scared while watching, because I think that is the best way to watch a horror film, especially if it is good. However I am afraid to say that this mood didn’t help ‘Dracula Reborn’ and in fact I found myself laughing a lot at this film instead, which I kind of liked. 

Of course the film is meant to be dark and the plot would make you see that the creators have tried to do this a lot, the film just becomes a bit to comical and you find as an audience member that you will laugh at it a lot instead. I couldn’t help it and I found that I was enjoying the film a lot more because of it. The unintentional laughs make it a bit more enjoyable to watch and while other films would just fail with the idea that Dracula, who looks like the conventional figure, has returned, this one’s take will make you smile. 

Speaking of the Dracula figure, he is definitely reborn as they haven’t done much to his character and he looks very similar to the type that has been created before. There is nothing new to this Dracula and his look is exactly the same as the original films figure, so if you are looking for that element then you are in like, however if like me you were looking for a new take on the well-known figure you won’t find it here. 

Therefore I am giving the film… 

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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