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I think Amazon listened to me a few weeks ago because #AmazonThursday is back in business! Oh yes it is! And to kick it off today I have all of the new shows that have been added to the channel to tell you about, so that you can spend your weekend binge-watching them! Go on!

The first show I have to share with you is a single episode, but a big one, as ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ has added the latest episode to the streaming service and it follows Washington as he worries over an illness he believes he has caught and Major Hewlett as his tale of being capture is revealed within the show, as Abe fights to survive his.

Another show that has been added as well lovelies is ‘Wentworth’ which has had its second season added to the streaming service. Following a fictional women’s prison, the second season picks up three months after Jac Holt’s death, when a new governor arrives to take over. However upon arrival she instantly makes an enemy of Franky. And while all of this is going on Bea finds she has a new purpose in life. Catch it now lovelies!

And the final show that has been added is ‘Gomorrah’ a brand new Italian crime series that features the Neapolitan crime organisation Camorra, including Circo Di Marzo, the right hand man of Pietro Savastano. The first season can now be watched on the service lovelies!

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Joey X

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