Hey Lovelies,

I am currently sitting here, next to my window; with my Weetabix and cup of tea with cinnamon (it’s so good!)  enjoying the quiet morning, before I embark on my journey to university. I normally really enjoy these trips but I am not looking forward to it at the moment, as I am spending the time revising aha.

When I could be reading my book or catching up on TV and films on my journey I am learning about media law, so it makes me kind of sad to hear that Sky Go have added more channels to their service that I should be enjoying aha. From today, the service will now be allowing fans the chance to watch live channels and catch up services for ITV and Channel 5.  

This has been added to the 70 other channels in which the service provides to their 2.6 million customers, making them a record breaking provider for downloads and viewings in the UK and Ireland.

I want to start enjoying these services! Go away exams aha!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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