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Now I haven’t much about Cannes yet and that is because I am trying to contain myself as it gets closer and closer, but I am breaking that hold today to bring you the listings for one incredible company, who will be providing the classics. 

Thanks to Park Circus, Cannes Film Festival will be welcoming two classic films to their line-up, as the company have restored Orson Welles’ hit thriller, ‘The Lady from Shanghai’, for the event in 4K display. As well as allowing festival goers to welcome back ‘The Terminator’, which will be shown to audiences 31 years after its original release. 

‘The Lady from Shanghai’ will also be appearing in the Cannes Classic line up official selection panel, meaning it will be returning to cinemas as well, as it will open the Orson Welles Retrospective on the 17th June at La Cinémathèque française in Paris.

And those of you lucky people, who catch ‘The Terminator’ at the event, will be able to relive all of the memories before the latest film in the franchise is released later this year and it is re-released in cinemas on the 23rd June!

If you are going to Cannes (I am so jealous!) then look out for these films in a cinema or screen near you lovelies!

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Joey X

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