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Today’s blogging is beginning with a huge piece of news! A huge big celebrative piece that will have all of you clapping along on the 10th May, as BAFTA have announced a special award will be handed out to Jeff Pope at the BAFTA TV Awards ceremony. 

The Alan Clarke award was last handed out in 2009 and people who have received it before include Jane Tranter, Paul Watson, Andy Harries, Paul Greengrass, Adam Curtis and now in 2015 Jeff Pope, for his incredible work in TV. 

After beginning his working career as a reporter, the star went on to write some of the country’s most famous shows, such as ‘Fool’s Gold’, ‘Mrs Biggs’, ‘Mo’, ‘Appropriate Adult’ and ‘Cilla’ to name a few.  All of which have earned him a number of BAFTA nominations across both film and TV. 

Speaking about the award, Andrew Newman, Chairman of BAFTA’s Television Committee, said: “Jeff’s career has been outstanding. Starting out as a researcher on factual programmes he has since gone onto become head of factual drama at ITV Studios, where he has written and produced a series of award-winning works in both television and film. Jeff is one of the finest exponents of his craft and this Special Award honours the remarkable breadth and quality of his work.”

And the star himself, Jeff Pope said: “Alan Clarke was a hero of mine and I am delighted to have been honoured with this Award in his name. I have been lucky enough to work with some extraordinarily talented people and this is a moment in my life to look back with gratitude to all those who have helped me achieve. Writing is all about facing down the tyranny of the blank screen, but my message to all aspiring writers is that once you've hit that first key, you discover it's really not so difficult as you'd imagined.”

The Awards ceremony will be shown on the 10th May lovelies on BBC One at 8pm, so don’t miss it!

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