Hey Lovelies, 

I have seen a lot of bloggers and Youtubers do this recently and I really liked the idea of telling you all my monthly favourites in film, TV, books and general life, as I think it will be a lot more personal and a fun thing to do. 

I will try to do this towards the end of each month, because that seems like the best time to tell you what I have been obsessed with throughout it and while I will try to take pictures of everything I will admit I am not the best photographer and they may not be the best aha. 
So let’s begin with my February favourites…

1. Film: Fifty Shades of Grey! Okay so you have to admit this month everyone has been obsessed with this film! Everyone has spoken about; lots of us have seen it and everyone has had an opinion about it whether it is good or bad. For me I enjoyed the film and it was a highlight of my February because it didn’t disappoint! Plus it’s Jamie Dornan you know! 


2. Book: Love Letters to the Dead! I read this book and could picture it being made into a film the whole way through. I also could picture who would play the characters and how they would fit into our world. It is an interesting and different type of young adult novel that will open up a whole new world for teenagers everywhere that read it. 

An amazing read lovelies!

3. TV Show: I am currently completing one of my New Year resolutions and watching ‘Breaking Bad’! I started on the night of the BAFTAs and while writing this post I am watching season five episode one, which is already making this series look like the best one yet! I think I will be watching ‘Better Call Saul’ after this as he is my favourite character! 


4. Food: As a huge foodie, I am trying to be healthier to go with my working out and this month I fell in love with rice cakes and peanut butter! Many people don’t think peanut butter is good for you but if you get the whole nut kind it is a great snack that I absolutely adore! I have also become obsessed with mangos this month, which I think is my mind telling me to get ready for spring. 

Simple yet yummy!

5. Music: I am obsessed with soundtracks at the moment and for me it is a cross between the ‘Whiplash’ and ‘Fifty Shades’ one that are dominating my iPod. I love to work out to both of them and there are songs on each one that are perfect for getting me up and moving! I especially like the Annie Lennox version of ‘I Put a Spell on You’ and her version with Hozier that she performed at the Grammys is amazing! 

6. App: This is a bit of a boring one but my favourite apps at the moment have to be Instagram and Twitter. I can’t live without either of them and they allow me to share items with all of you, as well as keeping you all up to date with news that is important to the blog. Got to love Twitter!

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7. Product: I haven’t done much shopping recently but something I did buy that has become a new favourite of mine is a pair of leather gloves. I have had a really bad case of Chilblains and then a cyst appeared on one of my hands under my skin, so I purchased some gloves to protect them for any damage. They have been a life saver and I think my hands would be worse off without them. It was getting the stage where I couldn’t blog and that was no good! 
You can get them here lovelies:

8. Spontaneous Act: Because of the weather I have wanted to get home quickly and get cosy, as I am sick to death of being cold, which means that I haven’t done much that is spontaneous. However a few weeks ago I randomly got up and instead of stopping at my station for Uni I carried on and went and visited my favourite place in London, Leicester Square for no reason, other than the fact that I had missed it. I also went to a blogger’s event which wasn’t spontaneous, but the elements of it where and it was a lot of fun! 

My favourite place in London!

These eight items are my favourite things I have done this month and I know that some of them are boring, but I wanted to give you them because I wanted you all to see a little bit more of my world and what I get up to throughout the month when I am not blogging. 

Once summer hits I will be telling you even more about what I have been up to, buying, visiting and all sorts on the blog, and I will be changing the categories to go with them. I think I will be keeping the top four and the spontaneous one, but the others may change to fit the month. 

However you never know with me, seeing as I am being all spontaneous aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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