Hey Lovelies, 

Now I want to start this post by saying that I wrote this last night after my bath, as I was watching the ‘Great British Bake Off: Comic Relief’, so I was very cosy and very hungry aha! Honestly they can say one word about biscuits and cakes and I am hungry aha! But there is a good reason why I wrote this post last night.

After receiving these amazing Dove samples from a lovely company I wanted to test them as soon as I got out of the shower, because as many of you know if you read my February favourites I have been suffering really badly this winter with my hands. They are currently getting over a case of chilblains, joint ache and a cyst that is now going away slowly, which has made typing and blogging a little hard. 

So to receive any kind of hand cream is honestly heaven to me right now! I am trying to get them back to normal and I was previously using a different kind of cream, that isn’t available anywhere now (Don’t you hate this!), yet I wanted to see if a new product would help. And I have to say it did! 

Typing everyday whether it is for the blog or for university does take it out of my hands and this cream is definitely going to be sat next to my laptop from now on, because it was perfect! They felt a lot softer after just one use and as a Dove fan I can say that I will be buying this more often, as it really is a winter saver. 

While I was testing this, my mum was testing the winter care cream that we assumed was for the rest of your body aha! I have a trusted brand that I use a lot and I knew that my mum used Dove a lot on her legs because it helps with the dry skin caused by her lymphedema that she has suffered with for a long time. 

I left her to use this while I was in the shower and she was pretty happy with it when I came downstairs. She was impressed with the way it felt on her skin and she was happy that it wasn’t oily because she said that she hates that. Thanks mum for the mini review aha! 

These samples were sent to me and I am so happy they were because it seems like my mum will be purchasing the cream again and I will be using this cream to look after my hands from now on. I have decided to buy a few bottles in fact to get me threw summer as well in case they get rid of them aha. 

No more pain when typing! WIN! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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