Hey Lovelies, 

This week’s tag post is a personal one, that doesn’t have a name, but you are free to take it and use it on your own site! I liked the mix of questions in this tag and when I found it I thought it would be a lot of fun to share with you all, because it has some personal elements and some about the blog. 

I hope you like it lovelies and have a laugh while reading it, because there are a few embarrassing moments included in the post below. 


When You Get Older, Where Would You Want To Live?
I would like to live in London or somewhere in the country with beautiful scenery. I love the beach but the idea of sand in the house all the time makes me cringe. 

Where Do You Want To Be Right Now?
On a beach somewhere or at a place learning new things or seeing new things! Maybe on a film set aha! 

What Is Your Dream Vacation?
I would love to go to India, Rio de Janeiro and do a road trip of America. I want to travel down route 66 in a cadillac! 

What Is Your Favourite Dream?
Erm I don’t know I normally forget them aha! 

Have You Ever Tried Lucid Dreaming? If Not, Would You Like To?
WHAT IS THIS?!? (Found out after this tag and it is very 'Inception' like isn't it!)

Share A Family Story:
When I was little we use to own a caravan and I remember going there at Christmas with my family and sitting with the fire on and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ was on the TV and it was just so cosy and perfect!

Share A Story That Makes You Smile.
A few years ago my parents took me and my best friend Dee to Butlins on a holiday and the whole holiday makes me smile! If you are reading this Dee, all I am going to say is “Are you praying?”! I am sure that will have made you smile to!

Share Something You Did Embarrassingly.
I went to see the Dior exhibition at Harrods a few years ago with friends, and when I was looking to see who had worn a dress, as I thought it was Jennifer Lawrence, I didn’t see the plastic around the dress and head-butted it. My head rebounded off it in front of everyone on this tour. I did laugh about it though!

Are You Still Friends With The People You Met In Primary/Elementary School?
I know lots of them and if we saw each other we would say hello and talk, but not really. I have a best friend who I have known since then but she didn’t go to my school, however I couldn’t live without her. 

What Is Something You Barely Tell Anyone?
Erm probably how much I worry! A lot of people know I worry a lot but they don’t know just how bad it can get. Luckily since I have started working out and doing something with my mind, then just sitting here, my worrying hasn’t been so bad, but when it does get bad I don’t really tell anyone and I probably should! I am going to know I have actually mentioned it!

What Are You Usual Thoughts? Give 5.
Films, Food, Working Out, Food and Sleep! Aha I joke film and famous men are also up there a lot more haha, but probably food wins out of all of them! It’s my favourite thing in the world after films! 

What Are Your Hobbies?
At the moment it is reading, blogging, seeing films and friends! I spend a lot of time blogging and on the website, but when I meet up with my friends they are really special fun nights. And I read a lot on the train and before bed, as I love the feeling you get when you finish a book. 

Who Is Your Favourite Teacher So Far?
Probably my film teacher Miss Wilkinson, she was amazing and made sure that we were prepared for our exam. She had a lot of confidence in me and that really helped me feel good about the exam and my writing. 

What Is The Meaning Behind Your Url?
I think a lot of people always start off by saying “Okay let’s start with this one…” and then normally continue on with lots of other jobs and I wanted that to be the way people see the blog. Hopefully starting on one blog post and carrying on with more. Plus I really like saying it aha! 

There you have it lovely! This Friday’s tag post all about me and the blog! What did you think of the Harrods accident then? Have you done a similar thing? 

I still laugh about it to this day, because I can’t believe I did that in such a fancy place. Luckily Harrods were able to laugh about it as well aha! I’m such an idiot aha! 

I will be back next week with another post lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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