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I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS NEWS! I didn’t know this film was being made and I love that it is because this show was one of my favourites when it was on TV and I feared that it was now over!

Written and starring the show’s creator Jack Whitehall, the ‘Bad Education Movie’ has begun filming this week,  with all of the shows favourites including Sarah Solemani, Mathew Horne, Harry Enfield and his class including Ethan Lawrence, Layton Williams, Nikki Runeckles, Kae Alexander, Weruche Opia, Jack Binstead and Charlie Wernham.

The film will see Alfie taking the class on one last hurrah after they make it through their GCSEs, even though they have had the worst English teacher ever. 

Speaking about the film, Jack Whitehall said: “It's very exciting to be bringing Bad Education to the big screen. It's great to be reunited one last time with my amazing class of kids before they get ripped apart by puberty. We wanted this film to be about the mother of all school trips but sadly the Cumberland Pencil Museum wouldn't let us film there so we have gone for Cornwall instead.”

After being the biggest comedy debut ever on BBC3 in 2012, the show was a huge hit with everyone including myself, so to see them off in a big way is really exciting! I hope it is as big as the ‘Inbetweeners’ film! 

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Joey X

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