Hello Lovelies, 

I am back again to tell you my favourite TV shows of the year, but before I do I wanted to ask if any of you are watching or have seen the ‘David Blaine: Real Or Magic?’ show that is on now?  I am so so confused as to how he does it! HOW?!?It is leaving me completely mesmerized!

 Anyway let’s crack on with the TV shows that have affected my time and life in a lot of ways this year. For me and I am sure many of you I have found that TV this year has been very tense at times and then absolutely hilarious at other moments. 

As before I haven’t included all of them and I know a big one is missing that a lot of you may get angry at me for, but I am sorry to say I don’t watch ‘Game Of Thrones’. Believe me I have been told off for not watching it and I have tried hard to get into it but it isn’t my cup of tea. However I will mention it now because I know that for many it is a favourite and are gearing up for the new series. 

Now that I have apologised, let’s have a look at my favourite TV shows of the year…

1. The Fall: After waiting nearly all year to see if the killer would be caught or not, the show ended with one of the biggest cliff-hangers and we are still unsure as to whether the series is coming back or not. I sure hope so! 

2. Homeland: When I started watching this show I binged hard, however after series three I wasn’t sure it could make a good comeback after killing off one of my favourite characters. But series four was a brilliant series (Miss out the finale!) and I was on the phone to my brother after every episode, coming up with different outcomes for the show. 

3. Our Girl: I am not sure if this has aired in the US or in other places around the world, but if it has you need to watch it! I fell in love with Captain James, however I fell even more in love with the twists and turns along the way that left you praying for your favourite characters. 

4. Gogglebox: Seriously who doesn’t love this show? Celebs watch it, celebs joined in with it, but the true stars are the families on it. I can never pick my favourites because each one has a little spark about them that the show would be lost without. 

5. Sons of Anarchy: While I am yet to watch the series finale, someone sent me a huge spoiler which I wasn’t so happy about. The show was my summer obsession and Charlie Hunnam is perfect as Jax Teller. I am sad to see this show end!

6. Girls: I will admit that some episodes of this went a little of the normal path, but whenever these girls appear on my screen, for the next 30 minutes I am lost in their worlds of bitching, friendship and downright craziness. 

7. The Walking Dead: At the moment I am giving myself a little break from this show, because if there is one thing that scares me in this world it is Zombies. However I know I will definitely return to watching it, as it has left a huge mark on me this year, or maybe they are zombie bite marks! Oh No! 

8. Sherlock: As someone who was a bit late watching this show, I fell in love with the pairing of Cumberbatch and Freeman and found myself watching all three series in just one weekend! My new shipping is Molly and Sherlock! 

9. Orange Is The New Black: I lost another weekend watching this. After an incredible series of episodes, it was the finale that left its mark on me, as well as the depth in which the writers took to explain each character. My favourite is still Crazy Eyes! 

10. The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper! That is all! 

I know that I have missed a few big shows out lovelies, but I wanted to let you share them with me as well. I have an obsession with TV and films, that will never die and I need your help to make sure I am watching the best shows out there. So comment on here or on Twitter to let me know the best ones! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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