Hello Lovelies, 

With New Year’s Eve tomorrow or today if I have posted this a little late, I wanted to share with you my films of the year. I am happy for you to comment on this post about films that have missed my list, because if I haven’t seen them then I will try to watch them and see what I think. 

I decided to only pick ten but in no way is this list in order because that would be a very hard thing for me to do aha. I see them all as my favourites for different reasons, and with a brilliant film year on the way I want to remember these. 

So let’s get started on my favourite films of 2014…

1. Guardians of The Galaxy: This film is one of my favourites for two reasons. The first is that I got to see it while on the best work experience of my life and the second is because “I Am Groot”. Who thought my life would be so affected by a tree in 2014? I definitely didn't but it was and now I am demanding the next one be brought out sooner. 

2. Interstellar: After waiting all year for Nolan’s return to the big screen, I was certainly happy with the way in which this film turned out. It stamped all over my expectations and blew me away at moments. And seeing as I am petrified of space, I was not afraid of this one aha. 

3. The Lego Movie: One word that sums up my whole thoughts on this film…AWESOME! 

4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1: While it may not have been the best one in the series, it won me over and as a massive fangirl for the series, left me with chills, my bum on the edge of my seat at times and humming a song that even now I find myself singing. 


5. The Theory Of Everything: It may be coming out on New Year’s Day, but after seeing it earlier on this year I can’t stop thinking about the incredible acting from Eddie Redmayne, who gave all his talents to us in this performance. 


6. ’71: A film that left my mouth wide open in shock at certain moments and gave me the same feeling when I left the cinema that I had when I watched ‘Drive’ had to make the list.


7. Starred Up: Another brilliant film from Jack O’Connell who is going to be huge if he keeps up the incredible talents in which he presents in this film and his others. I am yet to see ‘Unbroken’, but he looks like he won’t let us down in that either. 


8. The Fault in Our Stars: All cinemas were preparing for the floods of tears that this film would lead to, as it broke everyone’s heart including my own. Even if you read the book, you were not prepared for the feelings in which this film gave you. 

9. Frank: From seeing the trailer to the actual film I was in love with the way in which this film and script was portrayed. You are left feeling happy and sad all at the same time and with Fassbender providing talents we haven’t seen before, it was a huge favourite of mine this year.


10. Pride: I had to end with probably the film that changed me a little bit. I learnt so much from this film and everyone that I talk to about it also mentions this. It completely took over the screens of Cannes Film Festival and if you haven’t seen it yet you have to! Plus I want Andrew Scott as my best friend now! 

Please let me know if I missed a huge member or one you think should be on there, as I will watch it. As well I know I missed a few big ones but with the holidays I haven’t made it to the cinema yet, however I will be hitting them a lot before the award season starts and making my thoughts clear on here and Twitter, so have a look out for them lovelies. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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