I hope you all have a brilliant night tonight and have a lot of fun! Now for the soppy part!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible 2014! I would not have been able to do everything that I have done this year without all of you and it is an honour to blog and write for you all!

In the past year I have seen your support through the blog and its social media sites and I look forward to coming on here every day and writing in 2015! 

As promised before I will make it a lot more personal in the next year. That is one of my resolutions!

I am hoping to take you more places with and Vlog to you all a little more in the next coming year, because I want to share with you all of the film goodness out there, because you all give me a little part of your day when you read the blog and so it is only fair that I give you lovelies something back.

Me and some incredible ladies who I call best friends at Christmas :)
Again I am so so grateful for everything you do with the blog and for allowing me to do the things in which I do. I know that this past couple of weeks have been a little slow and the days can get a little bit late when I blog, but you stick with me, so thank you! You are all superstars!

And that is why you are going to have a brilliant night tonight celebrating the brand new year! Because it is going to be awesome!

So I am signing off for now on the blog to be with my family, but I will join you all next year and we will make it a film year to remember!


Joey X

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