Hello Lovelies, 

Now it is that time of the week where I let you into my world and complete a blogger tag. And to keep up to date with the season, I have found another Christmas tag. Some of the questions are similar to previous tags but I thought I would still include them in case you missed the others. 

Hope you enjoy this…

1: Favourite Festive Food:
I think this was one of the questions I answered before, but I never get bored of talking about food and my favourite at this time of year has to be Panettone or Profiteroles. 

2: Favourite Reindeer:
Oh I am going to say Dasher because he is the first reindeer other than Rudolph that I remember when someone mentions reindeers. 

3: Favourite Day of Christmas:
The Sunday before Christmas! Sunday’s are always a lazy snuggly day and this one is perfect because it is the cosy night before Christmas. I also love Christmas Eve though. 

4: Favourite Christmas Song:
I think I answered this before as well and I think I chose “The Fairytale Of New York” because it always gets me singing along. 

5: Favourite Christmas Present:
It had to be the year I got my dog. She wasn’t a Christmas present but she came to live with us around that time and I loved it.

6: Favourite Festive Film:
I love them all! ‘Elf’, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Home Alone’ are my fave favourites! 

7: Favourite Cracker Toy:
I love the rings that you have to work to get apart, however I can never do it and then I spend the rest of our meal not talking and trying to figure it out.

8:  Favourite Cracker Joke:
Can’t think of any, if I come up with one I will post it on Twitter!

9: Favourite Christmas Decoration:
The candle arch, I love it! It is so pretty! 

10: Favourite Christmas Candle Scent:
Snowflake Cookie by Yankee Candle! It smells good enough to eat, although I wouldn’t! 

11: Favourite Christmas Advert:
The John Lewis one! Although the Sainsbury’s one has been extra special this year.

12: Favourite Festive Tradition:
We don’t any traditions but I love the way we leave milk and food for Santa! How brilliant is that! 

13: Favourite Place to Spend Christmas:
At home with my whole family! I love coming down the stairs in my home on Christmas morning to the smell of cooking and the presents in my sack I have had since I was little. 

14: Favourite Christmas Fact:
I don’t know many even though I have just read a book all about it, but I do know that in England there wasn’t a festive stamp until 1966 and we didn’t always celebrate Christmas in December. 

15: Favourite Snowman Accessory:
Has to be a scarf! A snowman isn’t a snowman without a warm scarf! 

I hope you enjoyed this lovelies! I probably won’t post next Friday but I will post one when I return!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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