Hello Lovelies, 

Now I am always honest with you and what I think of a film and today I am going to be just as honest about the film 'Dying Of The Light' which stars Nicholas Cage, because I need to be! This film is borderline mad and there isn't one way I can say why with, because it is just all over the place. 

The plot follows Cage's character after he discovers that the figure in which he fault he killed when part of the CIA is back and ready to cause distruction to those in his path. This plot is just way over the top and a little insane, because it goes a little bit to far. When watching this, the whole thing just seems forced, creating a cheesy atmosphere in an awful thriller back ground. And these just don't mix! 

As for the on screen acting, Cage obviously worked hard on this, but the lacking plot made this hard to see for many audience members, because it just overpowers him trying to do a good job, by not conveying the same scene as his emotions are working with. While the backing cast are also good, they never quite get their true moment to shine either, again because of the plotholes and themes. 

Overall the film just can't handle the different themes that are trying to be displayed on screen making it a hard to follow plot and causing a clash with its cast. You can see as an audience the amount of work in which they have put into playing these characters, however they just haven't been given a great platform in which to express these on, causing them to be let down in the eyes of their audience. 

Therefore the light is going out with this...

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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