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We haven't had a new film in a long long time! I am so ready to hear about all of the winter hits that will be battling it out on the big screen to get involved in next year’s awards season, which isn't that fair away when you think about it.

And this new one looks like it is ready to battle the comedy hits that are coming our way! 'Down Dog', was written by Simon Nye, who wrote the British comedy TV series 'Men Behaving Badly' and stars Nick Moran, Jason Durr, Orla O'Rourke and Tom Goodman-Hill.

When playboy Frank Clayton neglects his relationship with his family, he starts to believe that he only has a year to live. Working for a sex toy company, whilst also battling a sex addiction, his ex-wife and son make him go and see a doctor to stop his obsession with the two and sort his life out. 

During his journey the film makes many jokes in reference to his job and life, that brings back a hidden gem to the comedy world. Frank is a man who is changing the way he lives to leave behind a true memory for his son Sam.

The film will be out on the 14th November but you can watch the trailer right here and I have to warn you its a bit rude lovelies...

If this looks like something you lovelies will enjoy, you can catch it before its release when it premieres at the Raindance Film Festival on the 28th - 29th September! Just go to this link for more information lovelies:

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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