Hey My Lovelies,

I promised you all this post and I am happy to now be sharing it with you all, because the night was brilliant. Arriving at 6:30pm, we managed to claim the spot we had last year and sat down for a picnic under the big screen that would be hosting the film that night. The film we were seeing was Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi's 'What We Do In The Shadows'. A film all about Vampires but with a huge comedy bite.

Stocked with enough food to keep us going through the chilly night, we settled down with our blankets and food for a pre-film party by singing Disney classics that were probably not as entertaining to our neighbours as they were for us. Honestly I don't know what it is about the cold but me and my friends couldn't stop singing Disney. I blame it on the cold, it isn't really anything to do with the cold and more that we are a bit crazy. 

Once we had filled up on some of our food, I wandered off to the Print Club London exhibition to see all of this year’s prints, which represent each film at the festival. My personal favourites were the 'Hairspray', 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'The Royal Tenenbaums' prints. And I loved a certain one so much; I had to take a cheeky selfie with it!

After embarrassing myself in front of a few people (Not an odd thing for me!), I went back to join my group of friends, to carry on the sing-along we had started and watched the sky turn to night. As soon as the sky had turned black, we were greeted before the screening by the programmer of the event and the cast and directors of the film, Jermaine and Taika, who were very entertaining, as they read out a letter from the New Zealand Documentary Council. The letter was a very serious warning to the men about making the film, and it looks like they took it very seriously!

It was then time to snuggle down and watch the film which lasted for about two hours. And for the first time in Film 4 Summer Screen, the two actors stayed afterwards for a Q&A. The men were faced with some very interesting questions about kissing, virginity and high fives.

The night was then over for another year and we took off for a long, cold journey home on the train. However I can promise that we will be back next year and our singing will be coming with us!

I am going to be doing a post about Print Club London very soon, but I wanted to get this post out first as I promised this a couple of days ago and have been so busy that I have only just been able to get round to doing it.

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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