Hello My Lovelies, 

‘If I Stay’ is the perfect follow up for teens out there who need a fix after ‘The Fault in our Stars’ but I must warn that it is full of cheesy goodness as well. 

Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, the film follows a young girl who is in a coma after a tragic car accident involving her family. When her sub conscious is left to decide whether she should stay on earth or follow the light, the film takes us through a series of flashbacks showing her life up until the crash helping her to make up her mind. 

While many fans of the best-selling book will enjoy seeing their characters come back to life, the film seemed to be lacking something that recent teen films have hit on. The plot was definitely a new idea for cinema, but with it being so soon after ‘TFIOS’ it se
emed to be trying too hard to match up to the brilliance of the previous film. It’s not that it isn’t enjoyable to watch, because I can imagine many of you will enjoy it, but it just doesn’t have that spark that will make it a stand out film. 

Moretz is the perfect leading lady for this film; however her fellow actors are the ones who let her down. Not all I must add as her Grandad, Mum and Dad are all played perfectly. The ones I mean are her boyfriend and friends. They lack the emotions you would expect them to have and just come across as being the overly teen film cliché characters. 

Moretz who is an excellent actress is the reason to watch this film. She holds it all on her own and gives a performance that will shine through. Playing an adult better than the adult’s in the film, you feel as an audience member that you have grown with her. Her journey seems to be one in which you can follow yourself and look at because she goes through a lot of normal reactions that many teen films blow out of proportion. 

But however, as I said before, while Moretz gives an amazing performance and the film will definitely feel a hole in the teen film market, it is very cheesy. So cheesy in fact that at times you can just expect what is going to happen. Sometimes cheese is okay in films and it is something that we can all live with and sometimes need, and I can relate that to certain moments in this film. But for most of the cheese filled films, it is just a little two over the top. A camp fire scene for example! 

Overall the film is a cheesy teen film that will end the summer the way it started for many young adults out there. Watch this one if you are a fan of Moretz because her performance is very good and will allow you to see her incredible talents. Teen fans and readers I feel will love this and make the most of their characters coming to life, but adults I don’t feel this one is for you because of the cheese level. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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