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I am probably sharing with you lots of information today, and this post is going to be full of it as well aha, because I have three new films to tell you about. I always find that we don't have one for a couple of days and then all of a sudden we get loads, but hey I'm not complaining :) The more cinematic releases the better!

These releases are a bit of a mixture, so there will be something for everyone on here to enjoy. So shall we start with the brand new romantic film 'The Best of Me'? Let's...

From EntertainmentOneUK, the film adaptation of the best-selling Nicolas Spark's book, follows Dawson and Amanda, two sweethearts who reunite after 20 years without seeing each other. When the love that they had for each other returns, the pair must face the forces that split them up in the first place, by taking a journey through the decades. 

Out on the 15th October; check out this trailer of the film to see more...

The next film comes from Paramount and sees this group of men return using their 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2'...

The next film I have to share with you stars Dan Steven's in 'The Guest', which follows the Machiavellian character, as he claims to be a friend of the son they lost. However after a series of events the family start to question the truth. 

Watch the trailer here...

OH! And I have a little piece of home entertainment release news to share with you from Metrodome. The film 'Painless' will be out on the 1st September!

This new horror follows a group of children who are locked away on the eve of the Spanish Civil War, after they are found to be insensitive to pain. Now when a neurosurgeon, has to find his parents to help him survive, he is faced with the ghosts and the realisation of their terrible past. 

Which of these films do you feel like watching? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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