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How are you all today? I am working on some questions to ask two animators, who just so happened to make my favourite animated character of all time, so I freaking out aha. My favourite animation of all time is 'Beauty and the Beast' and when I read this little fact about them I nearly screamed aha. I can't get over it aha. 

And it seems that Daniel Radcliffe can't get over a few things in his latest film 'Horns', which also stars Juno Temple. Out on Halloween this year, the film based on the best-selling book, tells the story of Ig Perrish, a man who is accused of killing and raping his girlfriend Merrin. 

After spending a night out drinking, Ig finds that he has grown horns out of his head, that the power to get people to confess all of their sins and their selfish choices. Deciding to use it to find out who really killed his murderer, Ig uses his new talent to seek revenge on those around him. 

The film also stars David Morse and Heather Graham and was directed by Alexandre Aja. Check out the creepy and very tense trailer below...

Don't miss this on Halloween!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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