Hey Lovelies, 

This post may not be what you were expecting to be faced with on a Monday morning, but I have a brand new piece of release news and it is about the TV show 'Masters of Sex'! 

Out on DVD and Blu-Ray from the 28th July, the first season of the Showtime series, which aired in the UK on Channel 4, will be available to buy and binge on, just in time for the second series! 

Starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, all 12 episodes take us through the work of human sexuality pioneers Dr William Masters and Virginia Johnson, whose research lead them onto the cover of Time magazine.  However their personal lives don't match up to their professional works and we soon learn that their work is their survival. 

Don't miss out on the award winning show from the 28th July, because I feel this will be talked about a lot or a least you won't be able to understand this season 2 teaser aha...

Blog Soon, 

Joey X 

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