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Now this post comes at a time in which I can't say anything about what I am doing with 'New Girl' but I will be able to tell you all very soon about it!

However to celebrate today's release of New Girl Season 2 on DVD, I have the results of a new survey revealing that  a third (33%) of flat and house sharers have ‘jumped into bed’ with their flatmates, just like Nick and Jess on the show. 

With 1,179 adults, the survey also revealed that three in ten (30%) of flatsharers have fallen in love with their flatmates. But British flatsharers seem to be thinking about the issues involved as 6% admitted to having copped off with a flatmate’s partner.

And just like Jess from the show, the survey found that more than three quarters (77%) of sharers say they’d be willing to live with a group of housemates who were all the opposite gender.

However many flatsharers admitted that it was all about the social qualities,  with eight out of 10 flatmates keeping in touch after they've moved out. And 27% found a best friend through living with in a shared flat or house.

A spokesperson for New Girl, who allowed the research to happen has stated: “With so many young people embracing flat shares from university onwards, it’s no surprise that many form very close bonds which often result in one night stands or full blown relationships. Much like the central relationship in New Girl between Jess and Nick, close friendship between flatmates can easily evolve into a more meaningful relationship when singletons are united over so many shared experiences. Flat mates are often turned to as shoulders to cry on, but consoling a close friend can soon turn into something a little more, as Jess and Nick discover in Season 2!”

So it looks like many couples are coming from flat shares!

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