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So as I told you guys a couple of weeks ago I have been chosen to cover the UK Jewish Film Festival this year! And a couple of days ago I was asked if there was any films I wished to review and I chose the film ‘Afternoon Delight’, directed by Jill Soloway who was awarded the Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 for the same film. 

I was a bit shocked at the film to be honest as I wasn’t expecting so many sexual aspects within it, as I believed it was going to be a comedy of some sort,about the lack of sex in the couples relationship, which would have lead to some funny moments, like ‘Zack and Miri Make A Porno’.  

Although instead it was a little uncomfortable to watch at times, but you could tell that the director had tried to make the focus seem a little comedic, but not a lot to settle its audience enough.

Kathryn Hahn plays Rachel, a struggling mother who is unhappy with life, her sex life that it! So she decides to take in a stripper, played by Juno Temple, in hopes to save her marriage from failing, although it doesn't work out as well as she hoped. 

Hahn is definitely giving the performance of her career in this film, with hard hitting acting that leaves the audience feeling like they want to give her a hug but also give her a slap and tell her to not do what she is doing and think about its consequences instead!  

One reason I did choose this film though was that I wanted to see Juno Temple take on another dynamic character. She seems to be an actress who can get into any character, like she is a real person and that you are looking into their lives in a documentary way, which is the exactly same way I felt about this one.  

I did not like her performance in this though, her character seemed to be the cause of all the trouble happening to the young family who were only trying to fix their mistakes and the fact that she didn't even seem thankful that the family were trying to prevent her from ruining her life made it all just seem so mediocre. 

One part of the storyline that was very uncomfortable to view was the aspect about the women's number of abortions. I wanted to stop watching the film at the point as I could not believe that they were able to laugh about something that is such a hard topic in society today. While it is a fresh insight into the world of modern women and how they feel about the topic, it was just quite an upsetting view on life and how it made out that every women would be doing that during their twenties, when it is not a true fact.

But a contrast to something I did actually like in that scene is the way in which Rachel felt towards Religion, which was a very interesting outlook on life.  Her reactions were always followed by a rant about how everyone reacts to religion. This in fact made me realise that the world is all about the way in which everyone reacts to the mentions of religion and I think that it was very clever for director Jill Soloway to have included this section into the film. 

And now on to the technical section of my review aha...

The camera angles used saved this film, making what seemed very real disorientated in an artist manner. The camera angles were like someone was walking around filming a person’s real life, which is ironic as everybody loves reality shows these days, and I was impressed that the director had mad this an artistic feature to the film. 

As a whole the films plot did make me feel uncomfortable and I don’t think I would watch it again but it has many qualities that a lot of films don’t touch upon and it had a very different feeling to it, that I think was the reason that this film did so well at the Sundance Film Festival!

Although that is just my review of the film! To make your own the film is being screened at the UK Jewish Film Festival on the 12th of November and to find out more information about the festival just click on the link which will take you to the festivals homepage !

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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