Hello My Lovely's,

I read a lot of newspapers for my journalism course and as always my attention is always drawn to the entertainment section, involving the reviews and TV schedule! This was when I saw all the reports about people not liking the series this time as it had lost its spark that the others had. 

Well I am always one to disagree and this is definitely not going to stop me! In the past two episodes we have seen Carrie return back to the great figure she was in the first series when she was looking for answers, which she is doing again in this series. People need to think about the way in which an actor can lose that edge and for me Claire Danes has not, which proves she is working hard to make the return back to what she is known best for and what makes her the best actress is television!

And now for the best news ever! BRODY IS BACK! Episode 3 saw the return of probably my favourite character. I like all of you, am not completely sure whether he bombed the event or not but I can honestly say I don't think he did. He just seemed to have to such little time on his hands to do something like that. Damien Lewis has been missed by many since the series started and it is a good job he is back! 

With Dana being criticised heavily by everyone (Not me by the way I quite like her) and Saul being even more complex than before it was a very clever idea to bring back the man who while on the show he makes conflict, actually when you think about it brings everything together to give a settled outlook to the viewer. 

As for the plot lines I think all of what we have seen in the past two episodes will help us understand the rest of it, so people just chill out and watch the new episodes with joy because Brody is back and it is about to get good!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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