Hello My Lovely's, 

So there is a brand new feature on the blog! Anyone noticed what it is yet?!? Well I can now tell you all that you can contact me now!

If you all look to the right of the blog, you will see there is a brand new contact form, which will allow you all to message me with any queries you have.

Anything you may want me to talk about on the blog let me know and something I really love hearing about is new film products, like special DVDs, Books, CDs and other film products that you have purchased and would like me to tell others about!

I will be checking the account daily so I will get back to you unless your horrible to me then I am afraid I will delete it! However I am sure we won't have any of that aha!

So feel free to contact me on that or of course the Twitter account that I am on all the time, just follow @LetsStartNow18 :)

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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