New on DVD And Blu Ray From Lionsgate, Spider 3D! Don't Think I'm Watching It...


Hello My Lovely's, 

Lionsgate sent this to my Inbox this morning and as soon as I opened it, I already knew I didn't even want to go there! I hate spiders! I know it’s harsh to do so but if I see one I have to kill it! Especially when they are in my bathroom! I am not sharing it with one of them in case they move and I can't find it!

The weirdest thing about this though is that I have actually held a tarantula! About 3 or 4 years ago now, me, my auntie Caroline and my cousin Georgie went to this little Zoo near us and paid to go in the Lizard and Insects part. Now I am fine with Lizards and mostly all other animals but Spiders were a big no no. Even looking at them when they were in the cages gave me the creeps.

However I am someone who can't say no to a lot of things and while I was holding this Lizard, my auntie thought it would be funny to get this Tarantula out! This is where I couldn't say no to it! She bet me that I wouldn't hold the Tarantula and so I had to do it! To be fair I am so glad I did it and honestly I think I would prefer to have one of them in my house compared to a little spider after the zookeeper told me the smaller ones are the more harmful ones. I do have a picture of me holding it somewhere so once I have found it I will post it on here!

Anyway back to the new film...

With the tagline “THE CITY IS CRAWLING", it’s obvious to see how much this film is going to make your skin crawl. Honestly the only thing worse than a spider in your house, is one that is a big as the house!

When an abandoned Soviet space station crashes in to New York, a brand new species of alien spiders take over the sewers. Soon the species mutate and grow into gigantic proportions! It is all down to a group of intrepid scientists and soldiers to stop them from destroying all of humanity!

The film will be available on DVD and eye-popping Blu Ray 3D from the 14th of October, alongside some very special features, including Cast and Crew Interviews and a Featurette on the making of the film! 

I may ask if I can review this film for you lovely people but don't get to upset if I don't make it through it due to my dislike of all things creepy crawly!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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