Hello My Lovely's, 

Did you see that little rhyme I did there? Okay I won't do it any more as was very cheesy aha! Any way onto the new film I am going to talk about 'Snowflake The White Gorilla'. Now I couldn't get an image up of the new film but I have contacted Lionsgate about the problem and they are so nice over there, that I am sure they will get back to me soon!

Anyway this new animation from Lionsgate features the tale of a white gorilla, a red panda and a little girl who are on the run. Snowflake has always known what it is like to be different, as her white skin differs from the other Gorillas. But when she moves away from home to Barcelona, she soon becomes the most popular animal in the world.

However Snowflake is not happy and with the help of her friends, Ailur, a Buddhist black panther reincarnated into the body of a red panda and a little girl named Paula, Snowflake arranges a visit to a powerful witch, all in the hopes of being a normal Gorilla.

With a brilliant cast voicing the characters including David Spade, Christopher Lloyd and Janette McCurdy, the film is the perfect thing for kids this winter. I know that if I put this on for my niece and nephew I wouldn't hear a word out of them until the end.

Hey maybe I should get it then! The film is out on Blu Ray and DVD on the 7th of October, so have a look out for it if you fancy watching it.  

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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