Hello My Lovely's, 

God I am tired! I have been at Uni all day as we went on a boat trip and then the train journey home was just bedlam. This is where I have to apologise as I am very sorry that this post is coming so late and one of the other posts I mentioned about doing, the event one, is coming I am just getting use to this welcome programme at Uni, so please be a little patience it is coming :) Anyway on with the films...

Arrow Films have given me a very exciting film to tell you guys about! Welcome 'The Taste of Money', a film that has had a lot of people talking after its screening at Cannes Film Festival, which is out in UK cinemas on the 25th of October.

The new film from the director of 'The Housemaid' focuses on the seductive life of one of South Korea's richest families. Geum-ok, is the most powerful woman in the family run business; although with power comes tragedy as it causes her daughter Yoon to live her life in the throes of crisis.

However when Yoon’s new secretary arrives on the scene and witnesses an affair between the balance of power, the family's business is soon left in jeopardy.

Not liking the way in which her business is being brought down, Geum-ok turns to the basest form of revenge, Murder! Joo soon finds himself having to choose between his morality or a large sum of cold-hard-cash, with the consequences of it being under the basement floor!

I am not so sure about seeing this film, it just doesn't shout out to me a lot but I think if you are into this sort of thing then it is definitely one for you guys to look out for. 

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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