Just A Little About An Event I Am Going To On Friday...


Hello My Lovely's, 

So I normally try and keep my events a little secret from you to add excitement to the blog when I talk about them, but I am going to tell you about this one I am going to on Friday, as I want you all to join in!

From 7pm on Friday till 10pm on Sunday night, Sky Movies is hosting a James Bond Marathon! Starting with the documentary "Everything Or Nothing", the films will be shown back to back on their dedicated film channel! Which means not only will I be watching but so can you!

I am afraid that I can only on the Friday night as I am so busy getting ready for Uni next week but hopefully I will be able to watch along at home with you guys on the Saturday and Sunday.

Later in the week I will be given a hashtag which when I am at the event I will use to blog about but also allows me to get you guys involved with the event as well. I will do a post about the hashtag on here hopefully, but if I am unable to get to a computer I will do a tweet about it so have a look out for that :)

I also be doing a post about the event, so keep a look out for that as well :)

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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