Hello My Lovely's, 

How are we all on this fine afternoon? I went out last night to say goodbye to my friends who are off to University and it was a very emotional night! I have already said goodbye to so many of my close friends, who left last week, however Snapchat is keeping us strong aha!

So I thought I would give them a going away present with having the first Have You Seen This... post being dedicated to them! It has a lot to do with film but with a bit of a change!

I was recently on Youtube and came across this and I wanted to make sure that I can give you all a laugh before you go off to university and get to stressed!

If you ever find it all getting too much you can just do this...

I hope you have a lovely time at University my lovely's and enjoy yourselves! Emma, you have to cure aids, Lucy, you have to find historical facts, Tessa, you need to become the best actress in the world (And get me an invite to JLaw's house aha), Laura, you have to find an artefact to beat all others, Issy, you have to become the best Librarian ever and Amy, you are going to have to put up with me when we commute together aha! You need all the luck you can get! 

My other lovely's at college I give you all the best for the year and boys, I hope you do well to!!!

Sorry for this post being a bit sad and all I just wanted to give them a good send off! I will definitely be back to normal blogging in the next post and I have a few more Have You Seen This... Posts coming up later :)

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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