Brand New Clips From Blue Jasmine...


Hello My Lovely's, 

So those lovely people over at Think Jam have given me a little gift which I can give to you, to say sorry for not going to the screening of 'Blue Jasmine' tonight!

They have sent me over four new clips from Woody Allen's new hit film and I hope these can be seen as my redemption aha!

Let’s get on with it then! The first clip I am going to show you is called 'Are You Having An Affair?' and I think the name of the clip sort of gives away what they clip is about. Enjoy...

Now for the second one which is called 'Marriage Proposal', which I think is a bit funny to follow the clip above, considering they are both contrasting each other :) 

On to the third one! This is called 'Would You Tell Your Friend?' and stars the brilliant Sally Hawkins, who I think is a very underestimated actress! She is incredible and I would definitely suggest you all watch 'Happy Go Lucky'!

And finally the fourth clip which is called 'Pizza Restaurant'. This is a very interesting clip as you never see a monologue so skilled aimed at children. In a world where children are growing up to early, this is as clever representation of this in the cinematic world. Well done Allen!!!

Now unfortunately Youtube can't find the video for me to post it on here, so I have posted the link to the clip below for you to find it on...

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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