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Hello My Lovely's,

So the lovely people at Twentieth Century Fox sent me some DVDs to review and I am so thankful for what they have sent me! The films are brilliant and I look forward to reviewing them in the up and coming days :)

But to start us off I am writing up my review on the film 'Rio'. I saw this film upon its release in 2011 with my nephew and it is now a massive hit within my family.

'Rio' may not have been what others were looking for but it was definitely a hit with critics and children everywhere, myself included, and I think it was a film that left an unexpected reaction in many audiences. It exceeded my expectations by far considering the casting for the voices and the general plot making it a brilliant film.

From Jesse Eisenberg's, Blu, to Anne Hathaway’s, Jewel, the characters are individuals away from the normal Pixar characters. It was a fresh idea from director Carlos Saldanha as it was like a complete u turn for children not to have to follow the characters too much.

As for the animation it was a different viewing on screen. Yes I know many could say that it is too similar to films such as 'Ice Age' or any Disney classic's but I thought that this was an original film and everyone involved should be proud.

The songs are also catchy and present the brightly coloured Rio in all of its glory. For someone who is desperate to go to Rio de Janeiro, the atmosphere created in this film mirrors that off screen, with the carnival vibes and brilliant atmospheres!

It is not just a film for children but also adults and so I am going to give this film a...

4 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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