TV Shows Post Update!!!


Hello My Lovely's, 

So I also got sent by Lionsgate the TV series 'Boss' starring Kelsey Grammer as the lead role Tom Kane. I hadn't heard of the show before I got sent the DVD so I was a bit intrigued to see what it was about.

As always I don't want to make a huge post on the show as I do not want to focus too much on the TV aspect of reviewing.

As a viewer I really didn't enjoy the show as I found it boring and completely under developed. It was just like the normal cop shows that are out there and to come out at an unfortunate time as the better shows like 'Homeland' have completely wiped out the chance for a weak show like this to succeed.

Overall I really didn't enjoy the show and found the lead a weakling in a huge world. I am going to give this series...

1 Star

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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