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Hello My Lovely's, 

There are honestly no words to describe how amazing this film is! Why it was not nominated for more Oscars or Golden Globes I do not know, but something that I do know is that I have just spent literally 1 Hour and 48 Minutes crying because of the beauty that is this film!

From the moment the film starts your realisation of what is going to happen makes you anticipate the event about to occur. However what you get is something that is so much bigger and so much more emotionally evolved that words cannot describe how devastatingly amazing it becomes.

The performances from each member of the family were absolutely gorgeous to watch as each of them blossomed in their own special ways, each affecting the audiences emotions even more.  Tom Holland, who plays Lucas in the film, is such an inspirational breakthrough performer who definitely needs to be cast more! His innocent childhood personality makes him an outstanding young actor who will go on to be a huge star without a doubt.

 He makes the film what it is and director J.A. Bayona has done just the right thing in placing the film in the eyes of the child. The emotional response from the film is already a high contender however through the use of the child's point of view; there is no way to describe just how perfect it makes the film! Holland you are going to become a bright young actor in the future!!!

Naomi Watts took on the role of the mother, who upon the events becomes seriously injured to the point of death. Watts is just as brilliant as Holland in this as she has allowed herself to be seen as the vulnerable one. Instead of trying to be the character to be the survivor she strives to make her son it, which for many parents would be a hard thing to do in a situation like this! Her injuries were probably the most goriest yet accurate to what many members of the disaster ended up with and the fact that we were reminded of it as an audience was fantastic as it showed just how frightening these events were not just while they were happening but also the aftermath.

Ewan McGregor, takes on the father role in the film and to be honest, out of everything I have seen McGregor do this is the one he will be remembered for! He has to do what every father must hate which is to leave his children and try to find everyone else before giving up hope. This is a performance that even I as a female can see will stick with the male audiences as it proved that not every male figure on the big screen has to prove something! The male gaze is none existent here; it is all about the accurate and honest measures that a man will go to for his family, which is a beautifully structured image in the whole film.

One thing that I will always remember is the ending of the film. The shot of the whole family departing on the plane, while Watts' character looked out the window is something that will stay with every audience member forever. The idea that you have survived something so deadly and have managed to escape it is something quite memorizing. That shot out the window overlooking the devastation and then the sea, highlights how something so harmless can cause so much pain and horror, which I think as a person who has never experienced something so horrific, it frightens you! It makes you scared to think about if that had been you!

But I think overall Bayona has made the audience realise just how lucky we are as a whole! To have the people around you to be safe and well is something that not many appreciate yet from watching this film all you want to do is wrap them up and not let them go. Bayona's cast and performances have made an excellent presentation of this, which I will never forget.

I suggest that if you are going to watch this film then grab a box of tissues, as I am know in my family for being the Ice Queen, however 15 minutes into the film I was sobbing so much! You can only imagine what I was like at the end of the film.

This beautiful film is getting...


Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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