The Hunger Games Friday Continues... Look at these Beautiful People!!!


Hello My Lovely's, 

Continuing on with The Hunger Games Friday, here are some of the exclusive posters that Lionsgate have released showing some of the most elegantly designed posters available! These posters are very different to the normal outlook a designer approaches when introducing old and new characters in a new on screen dynamic.

I absolutely adore this image of Katniss Everdeen! The image was released before Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar, however it is already easy to see how much of a Queen, she is becoming in the film industry through her gorgeous presentation here. The gown is something out of a fairy tale and the way that she towers over the chair shows how she will not be forced to resign to nothing, metaphorically 'standing up' for herself.

Caesar, the over the top host of 'The Hunger Games' played by Stanley Tucci, looks everything I imagine a host of the capital would look like. While he is no Graham Norton or Jimmy Fallon for that matter while on screen, he looks absolutely perfect with gold surrounding him, highlighting his importance and knowledge of the others around him. 

Cinna, portrayed by Lenny Kravitz, presents a man who makes the looks of the century for the Tributes of District 12. However here I love the way he looks like he has stolen the costumes that Katniss and Peeta wear when they are first selected as Tributes in the first film. If like me you know what happens to Cinna that it is lovely to see how important he is in making Katniss powerful, in this one poster! Brilliant image of a man all in black!!!

Effie Trinket! There are literally no words for this costume and presentation of a woman who lives to look good! I love this image of her, all in pink, looking like a huge strawberry meringue! When Suzanne Collins made 'The Hunger Games' I would have loved to have known what was going on in her head when it came down to Effie. She is the perfect image of a woman who wants to look perfect but already knows she does and that's what I love so much about this image as it is presented so well.  

Finally it comes down to the main who makes the characters survive Haymitch! I love how plain Haymitch looks in this poster, yet he still manages to captivate the audience'
s attention! Woody Harrelson is such a good casting choice for Haymitch as he makes him such a likeable and lovable character, even in a still image like this!

Just how amazing are all of these images of the cast and the way that they all look! One thing that I wanted to point out to you all was that each character is sat on a different chair and I just loved the dynamic ideas behind that, because if you look closely it highlights their own emotions in some ways. In the words of Juno "It all started with a chair" haha!!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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