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 Hello My Lovely's, 

I have been meaning to review about 'The Hunger Games' since I went to its opening night. However with everything that happened last year I missed out on the rush for reviews.

However since Lionsgate sent me a Blu-Ray version of the film including the bonus disc I am going to have to have my say on the film. Since I was given the books by Suzanne Collins at Christmas by my parents, I have been hooked on the story of Katniss and her post- apocalyptic world. The lead played by Jennifer Lawrence, before she won the OSCAR, automatically promised its fans that it was going to be a good film.

Different to what is normal in the franchise industry, 'The Hunger Games' made fans from both sexes and a success that many films dream of. While the film’s director Gary Ross stays true to the books it allowed a whole new world to be created as it exceeded all audiences’ intentions including my own.

Lawrence's, Katniss is incredible in facing up to the struggles of District 12 against the rich of the Capital. She is a likable character who many including myself sympathise with as she has to step up and become the mother of the society around her. Unlike Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson, Lawrence creates a totally different side to her that hasn't been seen in her before. She subconsciously uses her newfound Oscar appeal to bring in audiences of both sexes and not create an outcast of viewers like the other two films. I heard upon the film’s release about other critics stating the weight issue in the film, although I am going to put it out there, Jennifer Lawrence is fine portraying a poor character in the film, the way she is because Katniss is known for her hunting skills. Don't let the narrow minded critics put you off her performance with weight issues that are important. I mean her acting is meant to be the focus not what weight someone is!!!

The male leads within the film are also going to become huge stars from these performances. Josh Hutcherson steps away from the weak little films he has been doing (Not counting 'The Kids are alright') and taken on a leading man role. He may get taken the mick out of because of his height and the way that he seems older than he is but this adds to his appeal on screen. As a different figure to what the audience may have been looking for Hutcherson plays the role of Peeta with confidence and agility that many actors may have found hard at such a young age.

His on screen competitor Liam Hemsworth is also good in this role, considering we have only seen him in 'The Last Song' before this. I can see why many critics take to talking about his brother yet, this Hemsworth is very different. He doesn't become the feisty macho man like his brother does (Who I love), instead presenting a likeable and friendly guy who complete mixes up the on screen affairs. He is the subtle character on screen compared to the conflicting Hutcherson and Lawrence.

However out of everyone on screen it is the young ones, which will leave people reeling. Willow Shields who plays the infamous Primrose Everdeen, sister of Katniss Everdeen, makes an innocent yet complete game changing view of the characters on screen. From the start she is quiet and noble to her sister, with a mother who cannot control her emotions. She is the only image of true childhood in the film as she doesn't have to live up to the role of death like her sister or the innocent Rue.

Rue is the character that will leave shivers down people’s backs. She is the sneaky one who can fight off evil forces that even the older ones can't. On screen she is the most knowledgeable character around which is why she becomes the favoured one to win. Yet her death is something that I think viewers of the film who haven't seen it before will be shocked by. It is gracious view of the end of childhood in the film which shows that they are the lost ones.

As a whole film the way that the society has been split up to present their class is an interesting view of society today. If this was to happen in reality it puts into perspective how the lower class citizens are the most powerful and Collins and Ross have made this presentation on screen perfectly. The settings and location are something out of a horror film that is different to the outsiders or audiences idealistic world they may have created, as it puts everything into perspective.

The film is a success in attracting audiences worldwide and will continue to do so with its sequel "Catching Fire". I think everyone should definitely see the film once in their lifetime even if they don't normally like over the top franchise. This will automatically change your mind.

Loved this film so much that I cannot give it anything over than...

5 Stars

Bonus Disc:

For bonus features this film included quite a few on the separate disc. It was nice to see the different Featurettes available to give the audience an insight of the making of the film and the director’s roles and meanings for key aspects of the film.

Many fans will also enjoy the behind the scenes look into the way that their favourite actors and actresses prepared for the role. Hutcherson fans should definitely watch out for the exercise machine clip.

It is also a nice aspect for the fans to see how the books have been adapted from Collins world to the Hollywood film industry world.

As a Bonus Disc the different features are brilliant to give an audience a look at the world of 'The Hunger Games'.

I would give this disc...

3 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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