Silent House Review!


Hello My Lovely's, 

A horror film review! Probably one of the first of many haha! I am a huge horror film fan and will watch many of them on my own to get the full scary effect, however I wasn't impressed by this film at all.

Introducing the new Olsen sister, Elizabeth Olsen, the film is set around a father, uncle and daughter relationship as they live in a rundown house full of mystery and disaster. Well it that doesn't make you bored then just wait till you hear about it...

Considering the film is supposed to be a real time shot piece, you can see how much time the film makers have spent trying to make the piece perfect. It is a weak horror film that needed a lot of work doing to it to actually make it scary.

The sounds were something that every horror film has in it and was nothing original! I mean if you want to scare an audience then please don't even think about doing something, bring something to the table!

I feel sorry for Olsen in this film, not because she is being attacked but because of the rubbish that the film is! Nothing new, nothing funny, nothing stylish, nothing clever and just plain rubbish.

The performances other than Olsen's are boring and awkward and considering the back story that the film is meant to be taking I think it reflects too much of an awful set of actors that it cannot do it convincingly.

The film was not as good as it seems to be so I am giving it...

2 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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