Silent Hill: Revelation Review


Hello My Lovely’s,

In the special package from Lionsgate I received the film ‘Silent Hill: Revelation” and I can honestly say I have never seen anything other than ‘Saw’ as gory as this. Considering the plot of the film is meant to be the troubles of a town lost reality especially the young girl known as Heather Mason it was a complete over the top of typical horror films.

From the moment the film starts the viewer is automatically placed into the horror world of a funfair of death and decay. Burning flesh, people hung up on a carousel and other stomach turning moments greet you in the first five moments that were just unneeded for the plot of the film.

This is how the film goes on for mostly all of the film, in a completely melodramatic confusion. Director Michael J. Bassett obviously didn't think about the plot to his film carefully when it came to looking at how he was going to portray it on screen, as he has made a rubbish plot. He was a man hooked on the idea of the death and violence seen in the ‘Saw’ films yet he has created an enormous fail as he has made characters that have no importance.

Each monster had no significance. All just looking for a way to kill each other which does society really need another stomach churning film. I mean I don't think any audience member needs to see a man with a bag over his head while a butcher figure cuts his stomach off.

And as for the leading male and his evil family, well I couldn't even figure out what they wanted the girl for. They just seemed to be going along for the ride of the slippery blood filled failure.

Considering she was playing the film's leading lady, Adelaide Clemens, I couldn't help but think she was a weak actress to choose in a performance like the one on screen as she often gave the impression that she didn't know what she was actually doing at certain moments.  I am familiar with the ‘Sidney’s’ of the horror film genre not the weakling of a woman that is this film. Her acting completely confuses the whole theme of the plot as she makes such a horrible mess of her profession.

As a whole the film was a huge confusion from the start with rubbish acting performances, who obviously have no talent, other than father figure Sean Bean which is probably why they don't show him so much. Blood and guts galore so those who have just eaten a meal please don't watch it!

In fact all of you don't need to put yourselves through nearly 2 hours of this disaster.

Overall the film is getting…
1 Star

Until Next Time…
Joey xxx

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