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Hello My Lovely's,

'Now is Good' is a film that I have been saving to review since Premier Pr sent me some and I was really impressed by it. Many people have given the film a mixed reception however I thought it was brilliant in tackling the subject of Leukaemia within a film.

Based on the book by Jenny Downham, Dakota Fanning stars in a beautiful performance as Tessa Scott, a young girl who after a years of battling the illness finds out that it is terminal. Fanning gives one of the best performances in this film and really creates a character that many sympathise with. Her dynamic relationship with her family, love interest and friends is fantastic in getting across how evil Cancer is, affecting everyone around her. An outstanding performance from Fanning throughout the film!

As for the love interest Jeremy Irvine, who some of you may know as the boy from 'War Horse', will make himself a household name from this role. From the perspective as an audience member his reactions to the life his girlfriend is leading is something that I think many audience members would assume many men would run aware from. However it was refreshing to see the boy next door, who had his whole life to run away, take on the problem and face up to the responsibility's that even a grown man may not have been able to proceed with.

A person I was familiar with was Kaya Scodelario. Loved her in 'Skins', loved her in this! She brings British grit to any performance she takes on and I think that represents the true British cinema qualities of this film. Scodelario is growing up to be an inspiring actress in the British film industry and her presence in this film was key in showing the way teenage life is turning out to appear to so many people, contrasting with Fanning's character in showing that nothing is right in the world.

The British film allowed many natural unknown talents to sign through as well with the father figure being in my eyes the best performance throughout the whole film. His outlook on the life he wants to give his daughter before she dies is very different to what many teenagers would think of when looking at a father in a film. The emotions expressed by the father are the ones that touch the audience so much more than any others as it shows how troubled a parent is and how helpless they are in protecting their children for all kinds of dangers.

A film that changes the way that the film industry covers up the dark side of the horrible illness, I think this is a must watch for all, not just the teenage society. My mum watched the film with me and loved it as well. Nothing is hidden and everything is shown so be prepared to get a little weepy in some scenes towards the end of the film!

An excellent film like this deserves...

4 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx 

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