MASSIVE SORRY and Man of Steel: Teaser Trailers 1&2


Hello My Lovely's, 

I would just like to say a massive Sorry to everyone that I never finished 'Man of Steel' Friday. I know it’s not a brilliant excuse but I am preparing for my exams which start next week and I had a friend over to discuss some stuff. I am sorry for not completing the post and I promise to never do it again!!!

Now I am going to finish the 'Man of Steel' Friday posts now and make sure that everything is up and running for you all :)

So we have now come to the penultimate post of the 'Man of Steel' and before I upload the final post I wanted to allow a sneak peek of what to expect next.

These teaser trailers were released way before the actually release of the main trailers that are now available, so I am sure many of you will have seen them.

However I wanted to put them on the blog as a way to get you excited for what I have in store.

Here we go...

This is Version 1 of the Teaser:

And here is Version 2 of the Trailer: 

Until Next Time...

Joey xxx

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