Man of Steel: Exclusive Banner Posters!


 Hello My Lovely's,

So to get you all excited for the film’s release on the 14th of June, I thought I would share with you the banner posters from the film.

These bring back all those dreams of wanting to be able to fly as a child. I remember watching Superman with my Dad on Saturday mornings and so you can image how excited he is for the film!

The two posters I wanted to show you may have been online before however they are still brilliant and will definitely make you want to Henry Cavill's, Superman. For someone who has said he is not fearful about the role, he certainly shows his confidence in these images.

Henry Cavill really proves himself to be a good fit for the 'Man of Steel' franchise in this image and I think he is going to do a brilliant job on screen!

And let's get excited over this one...

I hope these images widen your appetites for a little while longer aha :) 

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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