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Hello My Lovely's,

So Film London was brilliant in sending me the 2010 editions of their company's shorts. These had a completely different feel and mix to them than the previous shorts that I had viewed and so be prepared for these reviews.

This film had many British gritty qualities on a man trying to get to know his son. The use of hooliganism and sexuality competing against each other was brilliant in their competition.
For many viewers I think the world of 'Shameless' will come to mind with the plot of this film as it highlighted the amazing dark world that is becoming all too real!
The film was like many British films on the market after the London riots and I think looking at the view of the Father accepting his son, when he is as brutal as a hooligan, makes it a dynamic and creative production.

This is getting a.... 4 Star!

We Are What We Drink:
Brilliant! I loved the comedic aspects of this film as it showed the way that consumerism is buying the way in how people are viewed in society! I think everyone should watch this short for laughs but also to see how much the world is turning stereotypical.
The Chav serving the man is seen in many shops now as the server who some people learn to accept however the fact that the server cannot accept her customers unless they match up to a certain manner was fantastic!

This "Little Prick" is getting a huge... 5 Star!

At the start of this film I really questioned what I was watching, however the dynamics behind the whole film were very interesting. While they may not attract a lot of audiences the artistic developments behind this film allow the audience to see how dark and twisted life can be at times.
However the musical pieces are just beautiful and you really feel the pain of the character on screen.
As well the whiteness in the film adds purity and innocent to the actions on screen which many directors don't even think about when producing a film.

A likeable but unnerving this is getting a ... 4 Star!

North Atlantic:
I found this film so boring! Why wait and do nothing when you are faced with an inevitable fate when you could do anything you wanted!
The two men on screen are both boring to watch considering one is a normally good actor whenever I have seen him act before, so the use of the rubbish camera work and storyline has made it such a draggy film.

These men are weak and the film is weak and so I am giving it... 2 Star!

Couldn't stand it! I had to turn it off before it had even really begun! It was such awful acting that I knew that it was going to be too painful to watch them before a very complex story.

For obvious reasons I don't have much to say about the film and so I am giving it... 1 Star!

How Much for my Brother? :
Such a cute little story about the acts of brotherhood at their best. I loved the way that the brothers needed each other at certain points even though the older one thought he could do without him.
It reminded me so much of the relationship between my niece and nephew who fight with each other a lot yet when my niece went in to hospital, my Nephew acted in the same way as the boy on screen!
I loved their innocence as it showed how much a film is affected with the different actors chosen and the way that the boys are so innocent against that Hollywood idealism is refreshing.

Overall this film is getting....5 Star!

This film shows honesty and real knowledge of the society in which we live in today. With so much around us I am proud to be British; however it is the evil figures such as the ones in this film that bring us down!
The way that the director has captured this is insightful due to the different emotions that are created from it.
As an unknown actress to me I wish the female protagonist had been in more; She presents honesty which an audience member could possibly relate to which is a interesting feature to have in a film like this!

This is getting a beautiful... 3 Star!

Thank You very much Film London for sending me the DVDs. I hadn't been interested in Short films until I had watched these films and I am grateful you allowed me to have the chance to do so!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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