London Calling 2009 PULSE Digital Shorts Reviews!


Hello My Lovely's,

So I was lucky enough to be sent some DVD's of the amazing work from Film London. The DVD's featured short films from new up and coming directors, film makers and producers. Each short conveying different methods and techniques on screen.

I will be doing a short review on each film for all of you to enjoy :) ...

I Do Air:
This film focuses on a child's day at the swimming pool and it was memorizing how much a child's mind influences the way a film is viewed.

The idea of the child holding her breath and floating into her own world was different to other childlike dramas; it showed how reality is a such a falsehood and that in such a small breath it can all be taken away!

A scene that really stood out was the ending with the divers looking like fish as I thought it was so different to anything else on screen recently.

A very good short film.... 4 Stars!

Jenny and the Worm:
Right I am going to be blunt about this short and admit I hated it! There was nothing different about this film that made it stand out to me as it focused on the idiotic teenagers in society. They were annoying little boys who thought they were older than they were.

Victimising women as a passing of time I think the creator of this film could have done so much better. And the whole thing wasn't really about Jenny other then they called her stupid names, judged her sexuality and then stared at her bedroom window.

Honestly one of the worst short films I have ever seen, it is getting a huge... 1 Star!

A Family Portrait:
Absolutely loved this! It was different, it was clever and it brought originality on to the screen. Focusing on the down side of family life all in the blink of the camera flash, I loved how different and dynamic the tale was.

It made the imperfections of a family shine through in a very comical way that you couldn't help but laugh at points. Artistically memorizing the cartoon features were brilliant as they made no sense yet metaphorically so much could be interpreted from them.

For originality and difference I am giving the film... 5 Stars!

At the start of the feature the metal scraping noises were awful to the eye; however it made a perfect contrast towards the films ultimate soundtrack. The up tempo song was placed in a very different world then it would normally be placed in and this created a lively film in such a dreary setting.

The film highlighted the idea that life is just a shadow on Earth and everything needs sunlight to survive! It doesn't matter where you come from or who you are, that's how you survive!

I am giving 'Heat'... 3 Stars!

Morning Echo:
Christmas is a time for celebration however not in this household. So many different people were displayed on screen that it became very confusing and I honestly did not understand what some of the characters were trying to convey on screen. But I loved the family dynamic! The idea that a child filled spectacular is taken away from the family is quote extraordinary as it really melts the audience’s hearts.

The mother while a dislikeable character you can see why she appears so troubled most of the time, highlighting a mothers pressured role at Christmas to make everything right.

I liked the film but it wasn't gripping, however for the dramatic influences I am giving 'Morning Echo' ... 3 Stars!

My New Best Friend:
Probably one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen! The light-hearted opening to the film makes you think of a fairy-tale, however as the film progresses you can see how this is a twisted tale of a boys show and tell.

The dark undertones of having the living and the dead mingle shows how innocent and naive children really are when it comes to facing the fact of death! As a whole the film highlights how much we are protecting society's youth from the darkness of death.

The film was very interesting to watch even though it made my stomach turn many times so I am giving this short... 3 Stars for originality.

The Park:
The film started with very funny typical boy atmosphere as three men present an outlook on their lives. Although the film was anything like it seemed!

Every prospective of the boys was wrong and I loved that about the actors. One character who stood out was a guy called Tony who had a horrific relationship with his mother due to the fathers departure, as it showed how the man of the house could live up to the role he was chosen for!

I loved the difference between all of the men and how they were all so afraid to face reality because of their friendship!

I enjoyed this short a lot, it truly captured today's frightened society of the British youth... 4 Stars!

Hated it! I don't know why a film has been made for something that anyone could witness on their street any time of the day if they wanted to!
I thought it was awful and honestly could not stand to watch three grown men act as yobs.

Seeing as I don't have much to say about this film, other than it was rubbish I am giving it... 1 Star for effort!

I have some more reviews for short films coming up very soon :)

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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