Tarantino XX Bonus Discs 1&2 Review


Hello My Lovely’s,

While I have called this a review I would just like to warn you that it may not be as good as others as the two discs below are from a bonus box set collection. However I hope what I have said is okay and the discs are truly worth the watch if you have the whole package. The ones I am reviewing are from the Blu-ray collection and the artwork is just brilliant.

This DVD I received was something that I had never heard of before or reviewed anything like so I was very pleased to be given the chance to do so. As I am not the biggest Tarantino fan, my personal library only stretches to ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’, ‘Kill Bill’ 1&2 and ‘DJango Unchained’ , it was interesting to see the different critics views of his films.

The discs show very different aspects of the insights of the film industry’s intriguing knowledge of the undermined messages of Tarantino’s work. While some of them are quite biased as you can see that they are like a huge cult following of his works it is nice that they have such strong opinions on why a certain aspect has been created.

Made before ‘Django Unchained’ was created the look at the freshness of the film on the second disc is something that I enjoyed as I loved the film. It was like that moment where you remember why you loved watching a film so much.

Something that will stand out to everyone is the fact that the focus of the bonus discs is the 20th anniversary of the film ‘Reservoir Dogs’ which me included, will leave some audience members shocked that the film was actually made that long ago.

Actors are also present on the disc which is a nice change to the normal stay away opinions of actors on things such as this.  Including Uma Thurman, Tim Roth and other key actors of all of his films Tarantino is truly praised on the discs. The reunion of the cast of ‘Jackie Brown’ will leave many of the films fans with smiles on their faces as they see the recollection of the pair.

Overall as a bonus disc I would definitely suggest watching the brilliant documentation and criticism of the films in Tarantino’s database. I feel I would have preferred the discs a lot more if I was a bigger fan but they were still intriguing to watch and learn from.

For a bonus disc set, these are getting…
4 Stars

Until Next Time…

Joey xxx

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