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Hello My Lovely's,

Earlier on someone asked me how they can follow the blog and I wanted to let you all know again :)

You can follow the blog by entering your email address into the email follow button to the right of the screen which will allow you to receive emails every time a new post is made.


You can follow the blog on Facebook, where I post all the new posts on there for all of you to be able to get access to the different pages. Just go to


I have recently started a Twitter page for the blog, which again I post all new posts on there when they have been made. Just go to or find the blog at @JoeyTam1995

I hope this helped everyone and hope to see all of you on one of the sources above :) Or if you just want to comment on a post then please feel free to comment on any posts comment boxes below!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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