Final The Hunger Games Friday Post!!! Exclusive Posters of the film!


Hello My Lovely's,

This is the last post of The Hunger Games Friday and I have to say I now absolutely going mental for the film! I am so excited after all of today's post and I would love to know if you are too...

Please contact me on the blog, in the comments box below, or on Twitter @JoeyTam1995 or or Facebook:!!!

So my final post for today is the first posters that were ever released for the film. Way before the MTV Movie Awards show or trailer was released.

I wanted to end with these images because I think they are so artistically beautiful in the way that everything appears so calm and that the light blue undertone of the Poster hides the threat that the others present!

They allow audiences to be drawn in with their different looks and feels about them which I think is the reason that I find these posters so pretty!

I will now leave you with these images to help you get by on a Friday night...


Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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